We are BankruptMeNow

A hybrid business model that has taken a holistic approach to develop
a toolset that provides our clients an effective way to generate the files required
to submit personal bankruptcy in Australia.

Modern beauty happens by design not by chance.
We combined code, creative tools and a solid online platform to build an elegant and efficient solution for our clients.

Fundamentally, we are a Queensland based technology firm working to reduce the red tape surrounding bankruptcy.

After you have utilised our platform, you'll wish all online forms were as easy as ours.

As part of our business we are working towards making solutions for other time consuming paperwork tasks.

What's different when you work with us?

We understand that at this point in your life, you are undoubtedly under a lot of stress and don't need to add to that stress with complex forms and lengthy conversations that make you feel like you are being interrogated, all whilst being bent over the barrel with exorbitant fees.

When you utilise our platform to complete your necessary bankruptcy paperwork, you get instant access to the time saving tools we have developed just for YOU.

Try out the platform today and only pay upon completion. You can even save your progress for free and come back to it at another time!

We deliver effective results based on 7 factors:

  • Simplicity - Ease of use and efficiency of the platform;
  • Time - Is not an issue. Complete your bankruptcy at any convenient time & pace;
  • Privacy - Complete your application in the privacy of your own home;
  • Information - Have it at your fingertips as you progress;
  • Price - Cost effective due to our hybrid business model;
  • Security - Have confidence your information is safe from prying eyes with SSL; and
  • No obligations - Start your application now and pay later upon completion.

Our process

Think about our platform as a toolset to help you easily prepare all the necessary documents to apply for bankruptcy.

Follow our 6 easy steps to submit your application for bankruptcy with a trustee.

- Step #1


To register, you only need a valid e-mail address and to choose a password.

- Step #2


Breeze through our form until completion. You can save your progress if you can't complete it all right now.

- Step #3


Receive a 5 page preview of the completed documents - so you can see what you are getting before you pay.

- Step #4


Sorry we can't be free. Please make your payment to receive your completed and organised documents promptly.

- Step #5


We make all the completed documents available to you via PDF to print yourself.
We can also print & post them to you for an additional fee.

- Step #6


Review the documents, sign the relevant pages and post them to your trustee or the federal government.

Debt hanging over your head can feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. You aren’t alone, our tool is here to help you remove that load and start living life again, debt free.